Arts & Parks Project - Te Auauanga Awa Fale

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Te Auauanga Awa Fale

Walmsley Park, Mt Roskill

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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge


The Te Auauanga Awa fale adjacent to Oakley Creek
Poor ground condition required extensive cut & fill and piling operation
Foundations and slab poured,stone work commenced
Structural steel roof structure pre-assembled on ground
Structural steel erected
Detail timber work in progress.  Colourfull soffit assembled in place
Example of the joinery detail work carried out by our Foreman
Example of the completed seat and column surrounds
Looking up at the underside of the complex colourfull soffit
Another view of the soffit
Looking magnificent in the evening light

Client:    Auckland Council
Architect:  McCoy + Heine
Artist:   Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi
Completed:   May 2019

Fort Projects was engaged by Auckland Council to construct a lovely open air Fale building designed by McCoy + Heine Architects in collaboration with artist Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi.    The Fale won a NZIA award for small project architecture in 2020.

This intricate build was a delight to work on, with one of our skilled forman doing most of the detail timber work.    Fort was able to provide the right experienced team and required quality to achieve the desired outcome.    Fort also engaged extensively with the architect and artist to ensure their requirements were met.

This is one of our standout "arts" orientated buldings that we love to participate in as a team member.