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Hobsonville Bridges & associated approach paths

Hobsonville Coastal Walkway, Hobsonville

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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths
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Hobsonville Bridges & Paths


The East bridge curves away with a maximum width of 5.4m
Looking across at the two gullys that had to be spanned
A hiab landing the structural steel members onto the timber piles and bearer system.
East bridge under construction
The complex arangement of the balustrade infill rods required major co-ordination with the set out of the Totara outriggers
The deck comprised three individual sections, with the outside Totara planks set on edge
Installing the decking was very time consuming with every plank placed at variable spacing to achieve the curve symmetry
The bridge support structure consisted of a combination of 400 diameter unipoles (upto 14m long and embedded 7m on average) and steel columns
West bridge
Lovely detail of punga log walls at the approaches of each bridge
East bridge curves away sinuously

Client:     Auckland Council
Architect:  Isthmus Group
Completed:  February 2017

The Hobsonville Coastal Walkway gives pedestrian and cyclist access around the perimeter of Hobsonville Point.    It is a beautiful pathway and we were privileged to build two lovely bridges along it length; both being tightly curved in plan and of variable width.

The decks are constructed from both 80 year old imported demolition recycled Sydney Bluegum and NZ native Totara.   In an unusal feature the timbers are installed on edge rather than flat with reasonably wide gaps between each.   This gives an airy finish as you walk over it, with the gully below visible to give pedestrians a feeling of suspension in the air.

The complex plan required a high level of detailing for both the structural steel substructure and deck layout.

An excellent level of quality was achieved in the bridge's construction.