Bridge Project - Ken Maunder Park Footbridge

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Pedestrian Foot Bridge

Ken Maunder Park, New Lynn

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Image of Ken Maunder Bridge
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Image of Ken Maunder Bridge
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Image of Ken Maunder Bridge
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Image of Ken Maunder Bridge


Ken Maunder bridge spanning inlet of the Whau River
Piling, by both barge & crawler crane
Piling barge ready to drive another pile caisson
Thin and delicate ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composite) deck panels engraved with non-repeating pattern
Bridge panels in place
The eye catching pattern cast into the ECC deck panels

Client:    Waitakere City Council
Designer:  CPG NZ Ltd
Completed:   October 2010

This bridge is a replacement for an old and unsafe footbridge constructed originally on top of a Watercare pipeline.    The bridge spans Rewarewa Creek which is an estuary of the Whau river.

The bridge and boardwalk are 90m long with another 250m of concrete footpaths.    Construction of this bridge was altered midway through the programme with a change in the finished deck surface from wooden decking to a concrete composite top.

We worked closely alongside the consulting engineers to ensure this change in the structure produced the ideal completed product.    We also carried out the piling works ourselves in conjunction with a barge operator.

Due to the late change in decking, a novel approach to installing the deck panels was instigated using a purpose built gantry running along the structure.    All handrailing that had already been previously installed had to be removed to enable installation.