Bridge Project - Piha Footbridge

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Pedestrian Foot Bridge

Piha Domain, Piha

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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge


Piha Eel Bridge with Lion Rock in Background
The bridge curves like an eel
The life cycle of eels are cast in bronze and set in the precast panels
Bridge construction is structural steel on piles and precast panels cast on site
Cast alloy steel eel shaped baluster stanchions
The bridge crosses the river and coastal estuary
Connection between the land and the sea
Sample of the eel shapes embedded in the precast concrete deck

Client:    Waitakere City Council
Designer:  Tse Group
Completed:   September 2009

Fort Projects was engaged by Waitakere City Council to replace the old timber bridge at Piha with a new artistic featured concrete bridge.    The bridge design, based on an S shape and featuring the evolutionary development of the local eel, was created by a local Piha artist and interpreted into engineering drawings by Tse Group.

All concrete elements for this bridge were cast "insitu" due to access difficulties into Piha itself.    Fort was able to provide the right experienced team and required quality to achieve the desired outcome.    Fort also encouraged extensive consultation with the two artists on the project to ensure their requirements were met.

The Piha Domain footbridge won the New Zealand Recreation Association's Outstanding Project Award for 2009.