Civil Project - Cathedral Place Car Park

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Elevated Reinforced Concrete Car Park

Cathedral Place, Parnell

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Cathedral Place Car Park
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Cathedral Place Car Park


Insitu poured concrete piles and columns poured on steep Parnell hillside
Layout of car park designed to maximize the available space on site

Client:    17 Cathedral Place Body Corporate
Designer:  Fort Project Management Ltd
Completed:   April 2008

This project consisted of an elevated concrete car park built behind a three story block of flats.

The project was a good example of Fort working with the owner to achieve an excellent final result.    Fort took the contract on as design build; managing the whole project from concept through to completion.    Originally it was intended that the car park would be constructed from timber but a cost benefit economic analysis prepared by ourselves clearly demonstrated that, although slighly more expensive to built, a concrete structure had much better life and serviceability options.

Access to the car park was very difficult; for example cranes could not be used to install precast elements due to the width and condition of the road.    The only entrance to the site was down a narrow and very steep drive way and all materials, including precast beams, were manually handled down through here.    The piling for the structure was also over steep sloping ground and extra precautions were taken during this operation; especially as dense housing surrounded the construction site on all sides.