Marine Project - Cheltenham Beach Boat Ramp

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Boat Ramp Restoration & Reservicing

Cheltenham Beach, Bath Street, Devonport

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Cheltenham Beach Boat Ramp
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Cheltenham Beach Boat Ramp
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Cheltenham Beach Boat Ramp
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Cheltenham Beach Boat Ramp


Pouring second half of boat ramp, imprinting as we go
Imprinting deep anti-slip profile to top surface
Detail of imprinting
View of finished result

Client:    North Shore City Council
Designer:   Fort Project Management Ltd
Completed:   October 2008

This project consisted of reinstating a concrete boat ramp to replace an existing one that had deteriorated badly.

North Shore City Council requested that we design and build the replacement.    We chose a heavy surface profile with self draining features to provide good traction for both vehicles and pedestrians.    The profile was stamped into the wet concrete surface with specially manufactured forms.    The final surface turned out to be an excellent profile that has functioned very well.