Walkway Project - Hooton Reserve Bridges & Walkway

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Hooton Reserve Walkway & Bridges

Gills Road & Oteha Valley Road, Albany

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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway
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Hooton Reserve Walkway


Bridge & Boardwalk at Oteha Valley Road end of walkway
Landing large glulam bridge beams for Image 1 bridge
Boardwalk and bridge beams in place ready for decking
Small bridge under construction at Gills Road end.  Extra care required due to large Watercare pipeline running close alonside.
Another bridge midpoint along the walkway nearing completion
The two midpoint bridges under construction
Boxing the edge beams for the Hoggin path
Completed section of Hoggin path
The two bridges at midpoint of the walkway
Completed bridges add interest to the walkway

Client:     Auckland Council
Designer:   Search Consulting
Completed:   December 2016

The Hooton Reserve pathway meanders alongside a stream and gives pedestrian and cyclist access between Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road.    In two separate contracts, Fort built 5 bridges and 1.5km of paths; the paths being mostly Hoggin construction with exposed aggregate concrete paths at bridge approaches and road crossings.

The bridges are all timber decked with a heavy timber or glulam beam support structure on timber piles.

The 600 odd tonnes of Hoggin for the paths was mixed on site and spread and compacted by our staff.

An excellent level of quality was achieved in all elements of this diverse project.