Walkway Project - North Head Coastal Walkway

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Cantilevered Concrete Path

North Head Coastal Walkway

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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge
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Image of Piha Bridge


Coastal track around base of North Head
Pouring path, concrete chuted down cliff face via layflat hose to wheelbarrows
Cantilevered path details
Precast stanchion detail
Gives a magnificent view over the Waitemata Harbour

Client:    Department of Conservation
Designer:  Frame Group
Completed:   February 2009

This project upgraded the original WW2 constructed coastal pathway that serviced the coastal batteries, search lights and also the submarine boom.   The upgraded path had to be constructed with careful preservation of the WW2 historical elements.   The old path was very hazardous and its upgrade has enabled a safe route for the public around the base of North Head.

This project required cantilevered concrete paths incorperating new handrail system around the cliff face.   The mere construction provided logistical challenges in accessing the 300 metre long pathway.   For example, concrete had to be delivered via chute down a vertical cliff face and then wheelbarrowed upto a round trip distance of 600m.

The walkway is a well utilised accessway around the circumference of North Head that provides a safe and asthetically pleasing passage for visitors.