A view of Rangitoto from Takapuna Beach

Our Services

Fort Projects offers the following Services:

Fort Projects has as its director, Mr Chris Smith, a very experienced civil engineer.
Chris is a qualified civil/structural engineer and has been in the construction industry for over thirty five years.
He also is very knowlegeable in a number of different specialist areas such as concrete construction, temporary works including falsework and propping and precast fabrication and erection.
Typically the construction portion of our work encompasses the following types of project:

  • Boardwalks, often over foreshore or swampy areas
  • Paths, typically exposed aggregate concrete, aggregate mixes or Hoggin
  • Bridges, typically timber, structural steel, concrete or combinations of these
  • Underground tanks, typically reinforced insitu concrete tanks for pump stations and the like
  • Reservoirs and above ground storage tanks
  • Sewage Treatment Plant works, typically biofilters, sludge digesters, dewatering or settlement facilities

To view examples of this type of work please look in the  Projects  section of our site.
Although the companys main emphasis is on the actual building and construction in the civil and parks fields we are structured to provide the following also as part of our services:

  • Programming (Microsoft Projects)
  • Estimating
  • Construction advice
  • Cashflow analysis
  • CAD work (our own qualified inhouse draftperson)
  • Formwork & Falsework design and detailing